We Are Weavers

We believe relationships can transform our lives and our communities… and ultimately mend our deeply divided nation. We work in our neighborhoods and towns to create connections and lead with love. The Weave Project connects and supports us.

We can heal our isolation, change our culture, and #WeavethePeople

America feels broken. We can heal it.

35% of Americans are chronically lonely and 50% say no one knows them well. Suicide is rising. Violence, hatred and political gridlock seem normal. Weavers from across the country gathered in 2019 for the first time to face the problem together.

Connect with the Weave Team

Drop by and talk with us this month – If you don’t fully understand the Weave Project, want to meet the team, find out how to get involved, or have ideas to share, we are holding office hours monthly. Join us at our next Office Hour on Tuesday, September 27 at 4:00 pm Eastern Time (3:00 pm Central, 2:00 pm Mountain, 1:00 pm Pacific.


Young Weavers Meet Up

We tend to see young people as disconnected, their faces buried in phones and their lives playing out on social media. But in a time of division and isolation, many young people — on campus, at work, in the city and the country — want to connect and make the world around them better. They want to make meaningful change on the local level.

If you’re a young person committed to community and driven to connect with others, join us at the virtual Young Weavers Meet-Up on October 3 at 6PM EST. At this informal, one-hour meeting you can meet other young weavers from all over, hear tips and share your experiences for building community, get resources and inspiration to support your own work, and help plan a pathway forward to grow connection in the next generation.

Monday, October 3 at 6:00 pm Eastern Time (5:00 pm Central Time, 4:00 pm Mountain Time, 3:00 pm Pacific Time)

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