We invite you to start Weaving today.

Weaving is a commitment to see other people for who they are and invest in them no matter the return. It’s a way of life that sticks even when relationships get messy because we see the smile that erupts when we connect. We always get more than we give when we give of ourselves. We lift others and, in the process, lift ourselves.

We have a purpose that, over time, will heal wounds, strengthen neighborhoods, and create a better world.

Join the community of Weavers who are leading with love and creating connection. You can start today by inviting a struggling coworker for coffee or mentoring a kid, working with a refugee or getting to know the homeless person you pass every day. Lead with love. Show up. Lend a hand. Share your heart. Listen and let others in. Create stronger bonds and weave deeper relationships.

Ways to Start Weaving

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